• Bright White Light

    Totally out of it
    Out of Control
    Raised out of my shell
    Raised higher upwards... more »

  • Field Of Angels

    Let all the people pray
    Let all the people praise
    In the fields of angels
    Full of Spirits and saints... more »

  • High Hopes

    High fears
    From great expectations
    Good will to heavy heart
    Shaking hands... more »

  • Lost

    Staring at a speck on the horizon
    Mind empty, totally blank
    Sitting and waiting for that thing to happen
    The flint to spark, the spark to ignite... more »

  • My Love

    My love for you
    Is induced in the dark
    The dark depths of my heart
    You give it light, like the sun... more »

  • Poem Poem

    Sunset Eyes
    You are My love
    U’ll be fine
    In a field of angels... more »

  • So U Wanna Be A Poet?

    Let the feelings build up inside
    Let them brew in your mind
    Let your brain settle
    Get into the right frame of mind... more »

  • Sunset Eyes

    Your eyes are like the sunset
    When they close at night
    Across your beautiful face
    Two peaceful souls side by side... more »

  • That Fag.

    To place the brown stick within ones mouth
    To inhale the sticky smog
    To make pretty lips, become burnt, crusted
    When it enters the cave on your face... more »

  • The Dying Day

    The dying day
    The setting sun
    Wakes and realises
    That what was really needed... more »

  • What Scares Me?

    People change, they’ve got their ins and outs,
    They think they know what it’s all about
    I guess that’s what scares me how they…
    They are wrong in all sorts of ways... more »

  • You Are My…

    You are my bronze on stone
    You are my silver in my coppers
    You are my treasures gold... more »