Stephen De Marino Biography

This poet claims the Northern Humboldt Area of California as his home. When not writing, he is a Delivery Driver, Football Coach, Father of one, and doting husband.
Though having gone through a hiatus recently, this poet is dipping his toes back into the poetic flow, attempting to gain some surcease from madness. Having been raised colorblind in a color bound world, his naivety at the world scarred him some when he finally realized that people dont really like each other much of the time. Much of that shock is what has inspired him to write.
Leonard Cirino, Henry Rollins, Carl Sandburg, and Wilfred Owen are listed amongst this poets influences and favorites.
Non-poetic influences include, Tom Osborne, Lou Holtz, Vince Lombardi, C.S. Friedman, William Dietz, S.M. Stirling, Tom Clancy, and Brian Jacques, all of which have influenced the style, pacing and content of his poetry.