• Coos Bay Coffee Shop

    Coffee shop in Oregon
    Door hidden in the wall
    Smoke lingers 'round the table
    Easy joking regulars... more »

  • Denny Road

    Lost Love's linering echo
    Haunts the Denny Road
    Is is hot and dry
    Fire Season... more »

  • Enigma

    That is his bonus
    He is the unknown
    The uncertainty... more »

  • French Fries

    Oh man, I know this is bad
    But the feeling of the grease
    Running down your chin
    The ketchup, the cooking oil... more »

  • Had Them All...

    I have had them all
    All those women who turned me down
    I have had them
    The movie stars parade who naked before me... more »

  • Mare Esposa

    Looking at my wife
    Is like staring at the sea
    In all its turbulent complexity
    Her passion and energy... more »

  • Monday Before Work

    Gravity's firm hold
    Especially wearisome today
    Sleep, the deepest sleep
    Becomes a siren call... more »

  • Mother's Day Without Mom...

    I am thinking of Mom today
    It is Mother's day after all
    Seems criminal she is not here to share it
    There will be no call during the Big Game... more »

  • Mud Football

    After dividing ourselves
    And having dressed
    In near angelic whiteness
    Do we stroll upon the field... more »

  • Reading On Sunday

    We are reading
    Enjoying the quietness
    Peace seeped into wood and timbers
    Cats curled up in amber rounds... more »

  • September 11...

    gray pall
    broken glass falling
    myriad reflections
    showing horrors... more »

  • She Is...

    She is glass
    All fragility and transperency
    She is steel
    Flexible with her strength... more »

  • Wood Worker

    Nail, dowel, screw
    Glue, paper, tool
    With these do I prepare
    Arms flowing along grain... more »