• Destroyed In The Fray

    White powdered nose, torn up clothes,

    Passed out in the middle of the floor,... more »

  • For You.

    My false idol, my secret desire,

    Nothing in this world can take me higher.... more »

  • I Remember You

    Molecular Ecstasy, In and out of me, a brighter blue than the deep blue sea,

    In and out of this, I don't wanna kiss,... more »

  • Let Me Go.

    Teach me to fly; so I can soar amongst your clouds,
    Give me a light; so I can dispel countless dark shrouds;
    Let me in close so I can feel your soft touch and breathe your soft scent;
    Let me so I won’t become entangled in my descent.... more »

  • The Trinity.

    I guess I meant nothing to you,
    You used me and now you’re through,
    I’d like to go back to when you said “I love you”,
    So I can tell myself not to say it too.... more »