• Alone No More

    Break down & cry from feeling the pain,
    Looking for whatever attention I can gain,
    I thought the people around me might care,
    However all they do is stop and stare,... more »

  • As I Look Around This World

    As I look around this world
    I see people going to work,
    to help pay for their cars,
    their houses,... more »

  • Beach

    The Summertime is finally here,
    I best grab myself a nice cold beer.
    Grab some mates and to the beach we go,
    A wonderful place where sand castles grow.... more »

  • Get Over You

    I always knew the day would come,
    I had pictured it before.
    I thought I would beg and plead,
    not just let you walk out my door.... more »

  • Inside Of Me

    The meaning of life is the answer we want to know,
    Aimed at answering the question of why we grow,
    Why do we seek to find out why we are here,
    When all it might do is cause us everlasting fear.... more »

  • Life

    You Enter this world screaming,
    Your fed, played with,
    loved and protected 24/7,
    Like good people do when they go to heaven... more »

  • Searching For You

    I am searching for you,
    I haven't found you yet,
    Could you be hiding?
    Or somewhere i have not looked?... more »

  • This Relationship

    If I can comfort you in your darkest hour,
    and cheer you up with your favourite flower,
    then I know this relationship will never tire.... more »

  • Tomorrow Is Another Day

    Follow your dreams,
    As you walk through life,
    Never give up hope,
    Never walk away,... more »