• A Knot Of Beauty

    Fingers were crossed when,
    I saw her for the first time...... more »

  • Am Leaving The World

    Cutting me down for that ugly rest,
    Bringing down from me that pretty nest
    Stripping out the leaves of mine,
    Down and down with that blade's canine... more »

  • Childhood Holidays

    Hopping and jumping,
    From the schools did we come...
    From humans,
    Monkeys we did become...... more »

  • Cremated Love...

    Buried me into that love pit,
    That love was simply made for myself to lit...
    Unfortunately my love was so much great,
    That great which was unable to fit in that ugly pit...... more »

  • Into The Laps Of The Nature...

    Blessed was me,
    Being a part of that highest peak unknowingly...
    The peak from which the rivers originate,
    Flowing and flowing they reach to the sea...... more »

  • Leaves Of Love

    With such love and care,
    The shrub of my love grown...
    As the seeds were pure,
    And into the deep of the heart they were sown...... more »

  • My Lucky Charm...

    Innocence slept within her,
    Didn't like to pretend...
    Zestful was the nature,
    I just hoped it would never ever end...... more »

  • No Weapons And No Property

    No weapons and no property,
    Imagine how the world would be
    No fights and no war,
    Which make the relationships sour... more »

  • Sayonara

    Leaving those sweet eyes,
    And leaving that sweet era...
    I just wanna tell you all,
    A last sayonara... more »

  • That Broken Star...

    My love was like a broken star,
    Never knew it would go so far...
    troublemaker for her I started to become,
    Heart was broken and was behind the bar...... more »

  • The Moral Of A Coquette

    With that ugly love the girl started to pretend,
    The nerves of mine started to bend...
    Was so much lost into the thoughts of that devil,
    That slowly my happiness came to an end...... more »

  • Yes, I Want To Live With You Again!

    Far away from my heart,
    To the beneath where there still lies a pain...
    Each moment of mine says,
    Yes, I want to live with you again...... more »