• Storm Surfing

    ‘tis an obsession, for the guys and girls of boards
    autonomous sport
    contesting with the sea.
    As breakers wail... more »

  • Ted Kennedy

    If clouds be blown above the sea
    and of the swirls and torrents
    build ice and sleet upon the deck
    and through the snow there’s lightening flash... more »

  • Tex-Mex Contrivance

    Echo’s in ethnic
    clever... more »

  • The Biker Chick Rag

    So long farewell goodbye
    your tears won’t buy me a beer
    Someday when your young again I’ll
    come home again... more »

  • The Questionable Death Of Jack Po

    A tumultuous furious sea, mounting, breeding in shadow silhouette, came with the dawn of the night. Waves like shoals of conflating sharks feeding in frenzy on the surface rise.

    On this gray and frozen storm blown day; a penetrating gloom flooded the sky and seeped from the pores of the planet like the cold sweats of disease.... more »

  • The System

    the quintessential film noir
    debut in
    two thousand three... more »

  • Tipped Glass.

    It would be a vintage year of consequence;
    a time of heartfelt contract.

    Promises, beguiling spells;... more »

  • Two Lovers

    standing alone
    on the
    jetty... more »

  • Unrelenting

    I will live my life on the windward side
    and leave the lee's to others.

    I'll vex the storm with my... more »

  • Voice To The Void

    Borne on a solar wind
    tumbling through infinity,
    emasculated by my negligibility,
    a vacuous identity... more »

  • Warning Signs

    If years have passed and your children are grown
    The mortgage is paid and you have a second home
    And in the garage are Mercedes’ and Jag’s and parked
    At the dock is a yacht.... more »

  • Wars Door

    In a
    cold heart night
    we leave
    bridges in cinders... more »

  • Watching Fire.

    put it out.... more »

  • Worlds Together And Apart.

    Ask me not why I dwelled
    on the smoky mountain;
    and now live once again by the sea.... more »

  • Writers Wife.

    Writers Wife.
    Who will take you home,
    when you are half stoned?... more »