The year after the fall of Saigon saw me enlisted in the United States Army. For three years I served with the field artillery in West Germany. Later, after too many years in a college classroom, I took work as a newspaper reporter and editor. Some articles from that period found homes on the AP and UPI wire services.

While at the University of Kansas, I earned a BA in political science and minored in English and journalism. I had the pleasure, and good fortune, to study creative writing under the noted novelist, Carol Hebald. 'You do write well, ' she said. Those words continue to provide a wellspring of encouragement that has kept me writing poetry, short stories and now novels.

Serious creative writing began, under a hissing steam pipe, in a basement apartment in Brooklyn, New York. While penning verse longhand, I studied poetry under the renowned poet, Hugh Seidman, at the New School University in Greenwich Village.

Three volumes of poetry have been published under my name, and a volume of short stories. I am currently at work on the second novel in The Lou Palmer Crime Series, which is based in Washington, D.C. The stories feature a retired New York mobster, who owns the hottest nightclub in the District, and his gambler sidekick. I have playfully nicknamed the series: Casablanca with firepower. I promise outrageous conspiracies for the duo to unravel, fused with action, sex and intrigue.

Since leaving New York City in the mid-90s, I've enjoyed living in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Falls Church, Virginia.


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Stone Heart

stone heart
of the city
stars and
street lamps... more »


by the fire
peering into the mist
the sound of struggle... more »


the... more »

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Theodora Onken 03 Mar 2005 01:43
Wow, this is great, really hot! I am very surprised, as this is totally different from what you write, but God it is so good!
Theodora Onken 01 Feb 2005 01:25
Where did all of your work go, Steven? Theo