• Curious This Affair Named Family

    Curious this affair named family,
    a terrible and beautiful thing;
    the bane and anchor of my sanity.... more »

  • Ignorance

    I have been afflicted
    with a fine ecstasy.
    No semblance of
    rational consideration,... more »

  • Nature Or Nurture

    in those languid moments of synaptic stupor pierogi and borscht settle in a sour cream dollop of reverie
    aunt vi and the fifty pound lasagna of spoiled cheese
    vic and grace -good bread good meat, good god let's eat—pass the biscuits please
    wally was like a father to me... more »

  • Rondeau For Spring

    As winter's white succumbs to ebb,
    Moraine strewn highway spans ahead.
    Embattled stretch; asphalt; concrete
    Dismal hostage revealed beneath.... more »

  • The Peach

    ... more »