• A Mind Set Free

    On starry nights the mind is like
    To step on board a vision;
    To climb the enigmatic steps –
    The liquid path to heaven;... more »

  • Painted Waves

    As time begins to take its toll
    Upon the wearied day
    So starts the silent spectacle
    Of glittering, lighted play.... more »

  • The Never Ending Journey

    In cloudless sky and shadeless plain,
    In dusty waste and yellow sea –
    Where burning heat untempered reigns;
    Where wilderness itself runs free.... more »

  • The Osprey

    In foreign land of towering pines
    And hammocks, mangrove-torn
    A dark-filled night reluctantly
    Bequeaths a pale dawn... more »

  • The Travellers Dream

    Last night I dreamt of rolling waves,
    Of summer sun and turquoise seas,
    Of tapered fields and bracing winds,
    Of gentle hills and autumn trees.... more »