• A Suicide Note

    This is not a suicide note
    Yet not a sad fate
    I do not die
    But even so, I look and lie... more »

  • Bombastic

    Good men beat down, Smiles turn into frowns
    There's no logic in a world so tragic
    To much Problems, to much goodbyes
    That's leaving me with blood, instead of tears, in my eyes... more »

  • My Alphabet

    A appauling as abandoned adolesent as according as acquantancement

    B black but bolding bearing by beastly beauty... more »

  • My Life

    my life. a tragic fate with no ending.
    my life doesnt have a superhero or no princess to save.
    just hate and tears in an infinite dimension called time.
    dont feel merciful for my pain, my death will soon come.... more »

  • Poetic Bloodliness

    My words seep like blood threw a dying body
    dont understand, like nobody knows the flows of my words.
    My medifores that sores past the world estonished by my verbs
    by my lineage. nobody knows? How my soul cry out for help, but wats felt is hate.... more »