• Chrystal The Beautiful

    A folly lad, once thy knew
    Devoid of sense was he
    Ye, saw his heart, and threw
    His facade, thy eyes could see... more »

  • Doxology To Demeter

    Demeter, Horse Goddess of moonlit night
    The Cornfield Muse neath starbound light
    Mother to Core, The Maiden Queen
    Nicippe Her priestess, in groves o` green... more »

  • Druidess

    Sweet Druidess, thy magick truely awes me
    With gentle kiss, thy potion cures maladies
    On dolmen alter, or in the glen
    Thy incantations, make ammends... more »

  • Europe

    Europe of The Broad Face
    Synonym as so;

    Of Full Moon (esbat of blue or contrariwise)... more »

  • Eurydice; Where Art Thou? ; A Song

    (tuned down 1 full step)

    (Em, A7)... more »

  • Eurynome

    Asleep I fell, away from temporal realms
    Upon The Chimaera`s back I ride
    Passing barrows, neath The Mount of Olympus
    The Chimaera bids vale to me, in a dell I wait... more »

  • Gula Of Sumer

    Inanna sees the heart of thee; Lady Gula
    Wroth shalt ne’er beset us
    Nor fee grief of roughshod traits
    Ere the era of Sargon’s maledictions (by Enheduanna’s continuity of faith)... more »

  • Hebe, The Water Carrier

    From velleity
    Olympians pilfered thy perogative
    For The Water Vessel is thine
    Seized from thy slender hands... more »

  • Helicon; Lady River

    Helice, Lady Willow, thy River Helicon
    Thy name rejoiced
    Neath Mt. Parnassus, Orpheus plays thee a song
    Thy name is voiced... more »

  • Her Cretan Axe

    A bantling carrys She
    In it`s nascent form
    Mother, She to be
    Progenitor, of this soul reborn... more »

  • Hestia - Flame Of The Firewheel

    Nigh the hearth, uxoriuos, I stand
    Feeling heat redouble, by Her hand
    Night fires burn, this Hibernal Esbat
    Her strength at it`s zenith, empery sat... more »

  • Holy Vampyress; Holy Beloved

    At my bedside she appears………….Labrys in hand
    Her sweet sanguine breath, nigh to my face
    Infusing me with Her volition, til Her jaws clasp around my neck... more »

  • Hypatia

    My love lay dead, but gone not She
    Corse rent asunder
    On death’s bed Her soft berried-lips grin
    In defiance of such painful throes... more »

  • In Her Eyes; A Song

    (G7 - C7 - D7 tuned down half step)

    A song I sing to my dear love... more »

  • Isis And The Sages Of Sais

    We were The Great Libyan Nation of antiquity
    From Atlantis on Lake Tritonis, our city was Cerne
    We settled this prodigious continent, and those of The Occident
    `Twixt Underworld and The Heavens... more »

  • Koyaanisquatsi

    Hopi sages have issued this caveat to the world;

    The cocoon of unbalance girds the land
    Hearken voices of The Kachina Spirits... more »

  • Lady Of The Avalon

    My heart yearns for thee
    Surpassing mere velleity
    I weep, as thou hast left
    Returning to the Avalon... more »

  • Leucothea

    Sagacious high moon priestess
    With pallor lunar skin
    With flowing black locks
    With lips of rowan berries... more »

  • Maeve; A Soliloquay

    Can She hear my inner voice?
    Or see that I`m distraught
    These distich rhymes, so be fraught
    With melancholy and rejoice... more »

  • Maia

    Solicitude I felt
    When Maia came to me
    Rejecting Oak-King cults
    I await that which She mete... more »

  • Miryam`s Song

    (C-G-D; concert pitch)... more »

  • Mount Nonacris

    Place of Telechines magick
    Place of divination
    The matriarchal epicentre of Greece
    Nine peaks of magick; a shrine... more »

  • Ode To A Sweet Sister

    Provenance, I share with thee
    Fraught with warmth and love
    We are two, yet once were three
    Lamenting our lost ones... more »

  • On The Fourth Day; There Was Metis

    Oh! Titaness Metis
    Fourth Day Belongs to thee
    Thy Planet, now hodden by Mercury
    Wisdom thou entice... more »

  • Pandora

    Sweet Pandora, my love
    I am thine, the man Epimetheus who loves thee
    `Twere not the fault of thee, Lady Pandora
    `Twas not thee who released The Spites onto humankind... more »