• To Elizabeth; The Last Goddess Queen

    My dearest Queen Elizabeth;

    This day is June 21,1602.……….Ancient voices call in my visions….... more »

  • To Sweet Patty, My Cordelia

    In this heath do I lay, plantive of heart
    Recalling my first love
    She wert Cordelia, Lady Patty in secular conciousness
    Away from phalanx uproar... more »

  • To The Fallen Warrior Bairns Of Elysium

    To those many a soldier
    O’er many ire-fraught scores of years in past
    The brave who hath been smote down
    Ere their time un-righteously... more »

  • The Satyr Muse

    At Mount Ida, lyre song and meter resound
    Marsyas doth requite Her with these gifts
    Uxorious he is, in his valley rift
    For his Goddess Cybele`s love abounds... more »

  • The Triumvirate Of Lady Hera

    Ere the ostensible reign of Zeus
    Stood The Lady Hera, thrice of Truth
    Three aspects of Her eternal rite
    Was Arcadian Stymphalus, Hera`s shrine of might... more »

  • The Witches Of Thessaly

    In Thessalia
    Sorceresses chant
    Whilst prosemen rant
    In prosopopeia... more »

  • These Hearts Of Fire; A Song

    (capo; 2nd fret; concert pitch)

    (verse in; Am - C - E)... more »

  • To Versify In Certitude

    To versify in certitude
    Requires a certain attitude
    Adherence to emancipation
    Say vale, to litany and dictation... more »

  • Unterwelt Göttin

    This poem is my first attempt to write in a language which is very dear to my heart. The German language (Deutsch) . Those who know me are aware of my strong Pagan beliefs and my belief in Past Lives. I continue diligently to gain a better grasp of this beautiful and poetic language which has very ancient roots and is the root language of Old Saxon and Old English, which is also quite dear to me. It is unfortunate that German culture and language has been deemed iniquitous by the western world over the past few decades. This was due to a very brief Nazi influence which does not reflect the true heart and beauty of Germanic culture. I hope this poem reflects that lost beauty and the beauty of my beloved Death Goddess.............The Valkyrie (Der Walküre) who dwells within the Underlands (i.e; Elysium/Walhalla, etc.) Diesem gedichte ist für sie Mein Schöner....................Mein Walküre.

    The poem appears first in German and then in my usual style of Old English.... more »

  • Vietnam; August 1970 A.D

    It is August 1970; The Tet Offensive still lingers in the mind of America
    I am 19 years old this month, the Washington war gods beckon me
    A boy from North Dakota, who dabbles in Lakota magick
    I stand in The Black Hills at eventide, ere the day of my departure... more »

  • Voice From The Duat

    Isis my love, from The Duat I call
    In pieces, Set hath strewn me o`er the Nile lands
    Reclaim my corporeal being, from his maul
    Our Child-Horus shall avenge, my tanist disbands... more »

  • White Buffalo Calf Women

    Great Prophetess of The Lakota Nation
    I see you
    At the apex of The Black Hills
    I hear you... more »

  • Why Do I Stay? ; A Song

    (Em - D/D7 - C7/C; Tuned down half step-open)

    Times... more »