Steve Turner Comments (11)

im looking for the poem called The Examination by Steve turner
i can't find it wasn't me by you but your very good
looking for the poem about people rejecting the strawberry flavour
Where is the poem vampire by Steve turner 🧛‍♀️
Where is Declaration of Intent? ?
I want the poem who made the world by steve turner
I am looking for a poem by Steve Turner called Ghosts and am unable to source a copy - can anyone help me
your poems are simple in appearence but very meaningful.
Hello, I am a part of a crew working on Marvin Gaye documentary for PBS in U.S. Since Steve Turner wrote a book about Gaye, we would love to contact him. Any ideas how I can get in touch with him? I would be greateful for any hints.
Hi Steve From a long-time devotee of your work from those old Greenbelt days, through to your outstanding journalistic work and particularly the wonderful 'Imagine', I just want to say thank you and long may it continue!