• 24

    active, vital
    suddenly absent... more »

  • 6.4

    The utter helplessness allows me the
    pleasure of the experience as the
    earth trembles under foot.
    Only the birds have sanctuary; the sky that... more »

  • Doubt

    tar black clouds,
    saturated with uncertainty
    effect misgiving... more »

  • Fatherhood (Trilogy)

    The question

    The question feared
    by every father... more »

  • From A Walk

    Yellow Light,
    Formless Energy,
    eternal constant.
    Being, of all Being,... more »

  • Good Woman

    Today, somehow I knew
    So I went to the home
    To visit, to sit with her
    This day, somehow I knew... more »

  • Held Up

    Cold gray steel pressed to my temple,
    forcing compliance. Poised
    to spit its piercing venom; deliver its searing
    lead charge into my brain.... more »

  • Hitchhiking Through Mississsippi On A Summer Afternoon

    Afternoon heat reflected off the
    rippling currents of
    vapor blurred the horizon. Everything... more »

  • Humanity

    A Nuclear furnace
    Indifferently radiates in an
    ocean of nothingness, as the... more »

  • I Endeavor

    i endeavor
    to be
    nature’s ally
    a golden-haired lion... more »

  • I Say With Resolve

    I say with resolve, to hell with God
    In the midst of hypocrisy and fraud.

    I ask, who are the real blasphemers?... more »

  • Luna

    phase 1
    phosphorous beacon
    patently poised
    in the heavens... more »

  • Mars

    Man’s angry red shining
    Master. Armies ride staging... more »

  • Myopic Dreams

    Myopic dreams

    myopic dreams
    intuitive failure... more »

  • One?

    superior intellect
    infinitely evolved
    imagine One
    solely omnipotent... more »

  • Pity


    did you mean to do it?
    the los angeles coroner called me... more »

  • Progress (In An Optimistic Attempt To Emulate Ginsburg)

    burning rotten-egg rubber staining the sky,
    creating barren lakes and
    abnormal growths. basement ooze,
    playground sludge…cancer, miscarriages,... more »

  • The Cycle (Counterclockwise) - 6 Haiku

    Orange leaves on the ground
    Tree branches barren and gray;
    The cycle begins.... more »

  • The Swing

    Giving way to gravity
    Challenging inertia
    Losing the pilot at apogee
    To a dare... more »

  • Time And Infinity


    time is motion
    beyond reason and rhyme... more »

  • True Colors

    Civility lost pace with civilization
    The savage became more deadly
    He bore arms and propaganda
    Racists preyed on ignorance... more »

  • White Devil

    Gloating demon
    I despise you
    You abuse me, then
    make me love you... more »