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Lying Dead In A Closed Minded Existence...

I see a broken boy who’s confused about what’s real and fake.
He wanders if when he dies if he will actually wake.
He cries out for love, but finds that no one will answer his prayer.
Because he never faced the reality that there was no one ever there.... more »

This Is No Fabrication

Impale my heart then gently rub the wound with lime...
Then drain out my once known self then fill me with grime...
Screaming such a silent whisper I kneel to thee...
Knowing you will never understand why I plee...... more »

Psychotic Depression...

Can you honestly claim your life to be a living Hell?
When you left me bleeding the insanity ov your betrayal.
I know I'm insane,
But I can not die.... more »

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