• A Father's Promise

    I will give you a life
    thats full of love
    as you are a gift
    from the Heavens above... more »

  • Lost Love

    Some never love
    so they never know
    some love and lose
    when they let go... more »

  • Mr. Lonely

    They call him Mr. Lonely
    as he stands all alone
    with no one else
    to call his own... more »

  • My Love Is Yours

    In your darkest hour, my love is yours
    sunshine or shower, my love is yours
    wherever you may be, my love is yours
    with or without me, my love is yours... more »

  • My Place

    I know a place
    thats dark and lonely
    a desolate place
    where wind blows coldly... more »

  • She Goes Away

    Her time with me
    is Heaven on Earth
    She makes me feel
    more than I'm worth... more »

  • Take Me Away

    I'm in a daze
    I sit and stare off into space
    in my catatonic state
    I ponder & contemplate... more »