• A Dagger To The Heart

    True forgiveness
    is kissing the hilt
    of the dagger,
    that thrust itself... more »

  • Always There

    I'm like an old familiar shoe, back of the closet
    out of view,
    The sole is worn, the polish gone, in fact it's not worth
    putting on.... more »

  • Am I Defined?

    I am a poem that makes no sense.
    Read and reread me,
    turn me over in your head...
    Speak me aloud.... more »

  • An Ignoble Passion

    I would not release her
    lest she be
    an avenging angel,
    come from the higher and lower realms.... more »

  • Avalanche

    The silence before was palpable, as pure as the wintery blanket,
    swaddling them from the imminent cataclysm.
    The crisp, dry air suddenly shattered by a roaring, thunderous crash
    as the snow started its relentless journey.... more »

  • Butterfly Haiku

    ... more »

  • Do It All Again

    I wanted you to know, just once before I go,
    how special loving you has been for me.
    It brightened every day,
    and coloured things I'd say,... more »

  • First Edition

    There is a chapter still left blank, the ending not yet clear.
    The body of the story weak,
    I will leave my bookmark here... more »

  • Loathsome Lothario

    You think you could do better-
    You look into a mirror and see a fake image smiling back.
    Baring your teeth in a grimace- you don't like what you see... more »

  • Ode To The Cosmos.

    My bright Cosmos, you inspire me to write,
    I love the way you move and roar.
    Invading my mind throughout the day and the night
    always dreaming about my dark centaur... more »

  • Rebirth

    Breaking the silence of the umbrous night,
    your voice so dulcet and pure.
    Fashions an image of the renewal of seasons,
    when the trembling roses drip with crystal dew.... more »

  • Seeking Serendipity

    In the blackness where only the silver elements see me
    enfolded bythe watery glow of the lunar light,
    I wait for destiny to find me……
    To seal or reveal my fate... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes I hear your voice, rasping, cruel, releasing venom drip by drip,
    burning like acid on contact.
    Remembering instead, a winter sun and our cheeks brushing softly together,
    whispered breath, misting, whilst kissing.... more »

  • The Fog

    Water droplets giving life to the fog.
    A swirling, motherless opaque ghost-grey mist,
    slowly rolling with the sea breeze following.
    Mystic, noiseless, silence pervades the open plains,... more »

  • The Perfect Body?

    Too fat ....Too thin
    Too ugly .... too plain
    Too spotty.... too pale
    Too broken.... toofrail... more »