Stuart Munro Comments (9)

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A beautiful poet and a good human being.....God bless you dear poet..
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my good PH friend [Stuart] told me the other day: Bri, old pal, old buddy, i'm thinking of going pubic with my poems, just like i have with my singing. i said: Stu, you'd better learn to say PUBLIC more distinctly, before you have your press conference about going public. and Stu, with his beer-swilling smirk, said back to me: Bri, i MEANT to say pubic. I think it will be good for business. hmm? maybe he's got somethin' there (an idiom) . :)
(CONT.) I want to be normal, , fill up my fridge, , , sit around on the sofa, , , , reading a book on silage I want to be normal, , , never wash my underpants, , , just take off my trousers when I peed and made them damp I want to be normal, , , and always be polite, I would never say or say a Suttle elaborate I want to be normal..and accept my lot, , , , and my mother never changed my nappy, till I got spots on my bott bri ;)
(CONT.) I want to be normal, go in and out of rooms, opening and closing doors and windows, , like all those other bores I want to be normal, , eat veg and meat, , wash my hair and face., , , talk about complicated feet I want to be normal and drive old Brian mad, , , I might talk about dustbins or recycled Hoover bags I want to be normal.have no till I'm married, , , might even buy some tampax for my poor old mom in the garage (CONT.)
talk about CREATIVE! ! ! ! Here is a recent message from Stuart. i said i could post it as a comment on him, and he agreed! [as for 'Annette' being in Stuart's eyes (see below) , i think a doctor might be able to remove her]. Stu's message, snuck/sneaked out of his asylum cell by me: [i could have made this up, but i didn't. HONEST! ! ] (CONT.)
Thanks Annette, to have respect for my poetry from you is fantastic, your a great poet in my eyes Stu
Even though Stuart has not long joined PH I have already beccome an avid reader of his, I love the way his poetry speaks to you, some my even sing out to you. So well worth the read, you will not be disappointed. Annette.