• *bad Bird

    'Was told it wasn't he but was,
    but promised it was she, was not;
    they struggled to be we, and just forgot.'... more »

  • A Song For The Innocent Loner

    A song for the innocent loner,
    the plough-hand and fish-boner:
    his slow pipe
    lowers as he listens... more »

  • Admiring Death From Afar

    Admiring death from afar;
    A bicycle-shape closing
    On the foot of a hill,
    Where bird-drawn wings panic... more »

  • Alpha Male

    He looks
    my way like a bull:
    a hungry animal
    reminds me of his face -... more »

  • And Adam Said

    And Adam said he would prefer
    To be alone,
    Anaesthetised on god’s table
    Before the operation,... more »

  • And They Called Her Ophelia

    And they called her Ophelia
    But her name was Sue,
    Though her serpentine body
    Still knocked against the sluice gate... more »

  • Apple

    Hatred isn't the car-bomb,
    blossomed smoke and shrieking streets;
    nor the feeling of the mothers
    to a grocer's son behind the wheel,... more »

  • Appointment

    How ancient you look, old man,
    How like a living antique
    You look today.... more »

  • As We Slept

    I reached out
    as we slept,
    slowly waking
    finding the bed,... more »

  • At Loose

    When can we be lazy?
    like two dogs, with eyes half open;
    stretching our legs through the grass,
    laying; getting almost nothing done.... more »

  • August Night

    On an august night, a half-rain
    stumbles glass; the child-bride,
    in a bruise of love, endures her pain;
    her eyes obscenities as she cries.... more »

  • Back Of The Hunched Black House

    Back of the hunched black house,
    a garden’s white water
    in a slow fountain, a sugar bowl.... more »

  • Beauty In A Dark Glass

    Twists her hips and grins
    like the victim
    of a parlour game.
    And the black dice choose her;... more »

  • Beds

    A nest is where a bird sleeps,
    Feeds and flies from,
    Above a black roof –
    A kennel, which is where... more »

  • Bird Fraught

    Bird fraught with anger,
    Sailing fury through skies -
    The sway of provocative treetops,... more »

  • Blossom

    She listened to them call the swelling
    Of her pregnancy a bundle, like laundry
    Unfolded before washing, to be spun
    Around her belly:... more »

  • Body Parts

    Older body parts are the accessories for littler lives:
    Older arms are the slings to be carried in;
    Older legs are the stilts to stalk the earth with;
    Sometimes an older hip is a convenient seat;... more »

  • Bug Poem

    Life’s found me, atop your metal stairs
    with sunset and a morphine silliness;
    but the clocks cheat us, rushing age the raging
    hours that for me, for you, seem stopped;... more »

  • Conquistador

    His smile is a zigzag on stone,
    a face carved into a silent megalith.

    His officers are represented by rocks;... more »

  • Country Poem With Boy

    The countryside sleeps,
    feet on the fireguard,
    and dreams of people
    swelling its muddy banks.... more »

  • Doctrine

    In the end she tried to say
    that the best poetry
    was like a line
    of perfect symmetry.... more »

  • Elegy In Silence

    The dull wind, muffled in secrecy,
    lays the low lines of the river
    as the cold hand, dressed in leather,
    holds the ropes of the bells still.... more »

  • Eye

    An eye in the wood winks
    onto the wet road,
    and the birds tremble down
    to earth, lightly... more »

  • Gotti And Letti

    Gotti loved Letti,
    and a house to let they got,
    and Gotti was pretty.... more »

  • Hospital Song

    (Sestina for catatonic patient in Ward__)

    Her eyes insist on seeing shapes
    beyond the fact her mind no longer cares;... more »