Stug Jordan Poems

*bad Bird

'Was told it wasn't he but was,
but promised it was she, was not;
they struggled to be we, and just forgot.'... more »

At Loose

When can we be lazy?
like two dogs, with eyes half open;
stretching our legs through the grass,
laying; getting almost nothing done.... more »

A Song For The Innocent Loner

A song for the innocent loner,
the plough-hand and fish-boner:
his slow pipe
lowers as he listens... more »

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Comments about Stug Jordan

Original Unknown Girl 18 Apr 2007 06:14
Watch out folks, this guy is GOOD, most refreshing to see some new poetry and such a terrific style, no-one else on here like you Stug, you are most talented! HG: -) xx
Francesca Johnson 06 Apr 2007 09:49
True talent. So glad I have discovered your poetry, Stug. Fran x