Stupid Girl Poems


I see your face everywhere
Your brown eyes I can't bare
The moments we forever lost
I gave my heartache, then pause... more »

~~~do You Remember The Time~~~

Mother and Father
lessions in don't be bothered
Wisdom changes the logic
Believe in my magic... more »

~~~his Guitar~~~

A simple man playing his guitar
Upon the beach, he thinks he's a beat poet
A smile lingers in my ear
I lost myself in his words... more »

Stupid Girl Quotes

~~~Sorrow~~~ Dante knows my heart Sorrow exposed in your Eyes that know death Is Upon you soon.~StupidGirl
'There is no greater sorrow than to recall a time we were happier.' ~~~Dante~~~ *Pulse victims, you died doing what made you happy*
'First time I laughed today...'
something I say, sometimes, when he makes me laugh...

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