Hello everyone. My name is Leo Lopes and have created this account on here cause I locked myself out of my original account.


Sub Zero Poems

Bark At The Moon

She's sweet, she is evil
Your heart she'll consume
And if you like her you'll bark at the moon... more »

Only You

Only you can make me feel like this
Tell me why, tell me why do I feel like this?
You're love is like a damn good sensual kiss
And only you can make me feel like this... more »

Her Promise

I never thought it'd be like this
What have you become?
The things you do make me psychotic
The way you treat my son... more »

Sub Zero Quotes

Sicilian quote: Ama A Cu T'Ama Si Vo Aviri Spassu C'Amari A Cu Nun T'Ama 'E Tempu Persu

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