• A Little Water (La-La)

    Before you came along
    Things couldn't have been much worse
    You gave me a little water
    I'm no longer dying of thirst... more »

  • A Love So Strong

    While I gave you a reason for lyin', you gave me a reason for cryin'
    How could a love so strong end up to be so wrong..?
    I know you liked it with him, that's what you meant by sin
    How could a love so strong end up to be so wrong..?... more »

  • Amuri Cundannatu (Condemned Love)- Sicilian

    Bedda, si bedda
    Ma nun mi tornari
    Iu senz'a ttia
    'Un pensu li autri... more »

  • As Long As You're Happy

    Today I met a lonely girl
    with a touch of magic
    i've been waiting for someone like her
    I'm so happy... more »

  • Bark At The Moon

    She's sweet, she is evil
    Your heart she'll consume
    And if you like her you'll bark at the moon... more »

  • Calamity

    Mama you abandoned me
    I breathe insanity
    Calamity... more »

  • Come Back To Me

    Come back to me my love
    Let me show you how
    I know that you don't need this love
    But I feel helpless now... more »

  • Consumed By Insanity

    Pain I make you feel
    Pain like no other
    There's no time to heal
    Now you must suffer... more »

  • Fai La Ninna (Lullaby)

    Tu sei un regalo di Dio
    Sei l'anima del mio cuore
    Non ti preoccupare... more »

  • Figghiu Miu (My Son)- Sicilian

    Diù, ca 'ncielu, dammi cchiù vita
    Vogghiu sentiri cchiù affettu
    Figghiu miu, quantu si beddu
    Sugnu vicinu a tia... more »

  • Forsaken (Song)

    She said that she loved me but she played around
    How do I heal? The truth cut me, it came bleeding out
    You know I love you so, but now I'm gonna go
    Disappear without a trace or a reason like now... more »

  • Guilty Soul

    I make you angry
    You make me angry too
    But still I regret what I say darlin i'm so into you
    I wouldn't want to... more »

  • Heart Breaker

    I never wanted to be your heart breaker
    Never wanted you to see me as a taker
    You said my passion is what dreams are made of
    Now I'm your nightmare and you wish you could wake up... more »

  • Her Promise

    I never thought it'd be like this
    What have you become?
    The things you do make me psychotic
    The way you treat my son... more »

  • I Don't Belong

    When you're gone, I don't belong
    I can't sleep, so I grab my bong
    I won't eat, there's something wrong
    And it's in my head, they won't leave... more »

  • In My Own Hands

    In my own hands
    where happiness lies
    like a baby's grip
    holding on for my love that never dies... more »

  • Insecure

    We have a mutual feeling of being insecure
    Afraid of the love we would have to endure
    This notion of ours, we couldn't find a cure
    Refusing to fall victim to each other's lure... more »

  • Intanto Io Morirò (Meanwhile I Will Die)

    Io rimango qui
    Lontano da te
    Sei ancora lontana da me
    Non mi hai mai amato... more »

  • Lonely Eyes

    It doesn't matter how hard i try
    Even though i'll be dyin inside
    Look deep within and tell me what you find
    I just can't seem to hide... more »

  • Love Sick

    Into darkness i'm bound
    I let the blood and tears run down i'm sick
    So many memories of you
    I sit here in my silence i'm sick... more »

  • Lurkin In My Loneliness

    He has no woman of his own
    So every night he walks alone
    Although he has no place to go
    He's livin in a world so cold... more »

  • Memories I Can't Erase

    I've taken all that I can take
    And I don't want to see your face
    Inside my mind your demons dwell... more »

  • My Favourite Things

    Bright colours on tiles
    Which drip from the cieling
    My vision is blurry but oh what a feeling
    This is the trip that acid will bring... more »

  • 'Na Fimmina Comu Tia (A Woman Like You)- Sicilian

    'Na fimmina Comu Tia
    A Woman Like You

    Quantu si duci, si 'na carusa... more »

  • Neglection Song

    Ever since I was 3 my mum wasn't there
    And the home I grew up in was more of a lair
    The needle was her life, she loved it more than me
    And when I woke up in the morning she was always asleep... more »