• A Promise

    A Promise to keep to you my Child
    A sweet Promise from Me to You
    As I am chained and writhing with pain
    You would not know how it hurts when it hurts... more »

  • Earth- A Wonder

    At home, school and everywhere,
    I daydream about something I care
    The Earth is home to a billion creatures
    We learn all about this from our teachers.... more »

  • Endless Sands Of Dreams

    This Life is so disguised
    With its smiles and hugs
    Who needs such stereotypes
    When I have no clue about them... more »

  • My Angel

    I wonder every night
    When my Angel will come to me?
    The twinkling stars I see
    I wonder if my Angel is among them... more »

  • Row Life Away

    My Life is like a ship
    Carried away to Thee
    Sometimes for fun
    Sometimes for reasons unknown... more »

  • The U- Turn

    She swirls her vehicle
    The mirror it reflected
    The far away land
    A land of promises.... more »

  • Transcending Lights

    Transcending lights
    Looms over the head
    Whispering the secrets of love?
    Nope. I do not hear those.... more »