• A Conversation With Self

    Lost in thoughts, lost in dreams,
    The truth within can not be seen,
    Though I pass by & stand still,
    I always linger to pause & think,... more »

  • A Gaze On Wall

    Laying reluctantly on my bed,
    On one of the laziest day,
    When the roads were barren,
    The sky was clear and silent,... more »

  • Consoling Myself

    I am searching you,
    Through all the way,... more »

  • I Remember You

    I remember you
    When comes this lovely season,
    When wind blows in driest region,
    I remember you,... more »

  • My Cunning Dream

    Even if I try to cease it, it comes to me,
    Not from this world, not from that world,
    But from the self, within.... more »

  • My Lord! ! !

    Make me understand, My Lord!
    Make me understand.
    The inception, the end,
    The jargon, the fate.... more »

  • Oh! What I Did?

    What I did?

    I was on my way,
    through a dense forest,... more »

  • One Afternoon

    One afternoon passing through a street,
    I saw people jeering & jostling, to greet,... more »

  • Standing On The Threshold

    Standing on the threshold
    Of the growing responsibilities,
    I stare and peep out of mirror,
    Mirrror of shadowed soul,... more »