• A Tale Left Behind.

    Here it comes storming your mind,
    These challenges and troubles.
    He stands up and look into her eyes,
    She dances showing her dark side.... more »

  • Earth And Rain

    Red sky, little down dark clouds spreading.
    lightening, white light emits and disappears with a blink of eyes.
    air is disturbed, it's blowing here and there.
    creatures are worried about the future.... more »

  • Love Unequited

    you came with love,
    you went with hate,
    you loved me so did i
    i freeze and you fly.... more »

  • My Kingdom

    The lesson begins,
    the fall of my kingdom into a small prism.
    A secret of heart was broken.
    Broken, by the virtue of bitterness and greed.... more »

  • My Love

    Look at you, ''How beautiful you are? ''
    Your smile leaves my world behind.
    Let the time floats in it's own.
    Let our love spreads in air.... more »

  • Ongoing Time

    Lost loved one, stabbing pain in heart
    The mountain of sorrow hits you hard
    And can't be redeemed by joy of paradise.
    But Flawless and baffling is time,... more »

  • Zero

    ... more »