• A Bewitching Tale

    Pale and wan was her face,
    Her eyes a sultry green,
    Her nose all bent and twisted,
    Her black hair straggly unclean,... more »

  • A Most Peculiar Rhyme

    Paint a picture of a rainbow,
    And a bridge of cobbled stone,
    And a lady on the riverbank,
    Will surely set the tone,... more »

  • Abstract This Life

    Betwixt these lines, I sense foreboding
    Of unspoken words I am supposing
    Where things now done, may bring you dismay
    What change would you have made I say?... more »

  • All At Sea

    The clouds they drift in aimless sky
    Upon this life of mine
    The sun is shaded by hidden doubt
    No matter how I try... more »

  • Beware The Devil

    Beware the devil hidden from sight

    In darkened shadows late at night... more »

  • Beyond Death

    My body it lies within this grave

    My flesh it is rotten, and so decayed... more »

  • Blackness

    Hollow emptiness, dire straits,

    Dark is the mood that it creates,... more »

  • Catacombs

    As I walk this deathly silent place

    My nerves on edge I start to shake... more »

  • Controlling Me

    Pour scorn upon my weary mind

    With remarks so cold and so unkind... more »

  • Decisions To Make (Love Or Heartbreak)

    I wonder is this all just a dream
    A love so good may not be as it seems
    Am I in awe for fear of falling
    Or holding back from loves own calling... more »

  • Desire It Makes My Heart So Weep

    My frustrated heart it sometimes weeps
    For the words I wish I could speak
    To tell you how I am truly feeling
    How desire for you it sends me reeling... more »

  • Forever Optimistic

    I would like to find serenity
    Upon some quiet shore
    To feel the sand beneath my feet
    And taste happiness once more... more »

  • I Am

    I am your conscience, I am your doubt
    I am the words that just slip out
    I am the reason, I am your fate
    I am the one who has no forsake... more »

  • In Limbo

    The tears they flow, sadness it comes

    As this nightmare once more I gaze upon... more »

  • My Emotional Rescue

    Upon this earth I felt no part

    I hid inside my broken heart... more »

  • No More Tears

    My self esteem gone, my senses shattered
    No reason to believe, for nothing matters
    I am a nobody, I was such a fool
    To think that everyone follows rules... more »

  • Once Again In Dreams

    Once again in dreams I take a trip
    Where all my hopes they reside
    Among the emotions and feelings
    I gladly take a ride... more »

  • Shattered

    Glazed my eyes through lack of sleep

    Coldness through my veins doth seep... more »

  • The Acid Queen

    She shines at parties, such a queen

    Her hair all bright, her eyes they gleam... more »

  • The Foundling And The Mothers Reasons

    The Foundling

    Where are you mum?
    Why without me did you leave?... more »

  • Through A Childs Eyes

    The world to us is a disgrace,
    No hope is there for the human race,
    People fighting endless wars,
    Through no reason, to settle scores,... more »