• Dallas 06/16/99-11/09/05 (Poem About My Cat)

    Upon this day I reminisce with sadness and reget the loss of my beloved special child who was my pet.

    It's been a year of longing wishing you'd return to me for though you left one year ago I cannot set you free.... more »

  • Darkest Places

    There is a depth of darkest places, untold fears and nameless faces, whispered screams and dried up tears, silent cries that no one hears.There is a land where full of pain, the smallest learn to make hurt fade, and in their state of almost dead, they learn to hide inside their head.There is a land of living death can't measure life by seeing breath, hearts may beat and blood may flow but all inside are empty souls.There is a sea of cold dark waters filled with hell's own sons and daughters, cast there by another's hand, drowning with no sight of land.There is a chamber cold and dark where evil leaves its ugly mark where hearts are poisoned till they die and children learn to never cry.
    In this depth of darkest places, gloom and dead of night encases.
    Foundations of an earthly hell, and evil that no one may tell.
    Souls cry out and seek release letting go they beg for peace.... more »

  • I Thought

    I was your best friend
    Then you treated me bad
    You saw I was hurting
    You saw I was sad.... more »

  • In My Head

    Put away your pens and books, it's time to go to sleep.
    Dream about love and peace and a valley that runs so deep.
    Dream about all love and laughter where deep in your heart it's found.
    Dream of kids playing in a magic land underground... more »

  • Innocent Suicide

    He covers his arm to hide the scar
    He remembers someone saying no one cares who you are.
    He brought a ticket and came to the dance
    He gave socializing one more chance.... more »

  • Inside Of Me

    Screams in the night
    Tears though out the day
    No strength to fight
    No reason to pray... more »

  • It's Because Of You

    It's because of you I feel this pain
    It's because of you I took all the blame
    It's because of you I have these scars
    It's because of you I can't take all these wars... more »

  • Out Of Ordinary

    ... more »

  • So Many Ways

    A lifeless flow of a red sea...seems to be pouring out of me.
    Down my arm to my fingertips, in a coffin is where I sit.
    As I bleed I take a look around, the love I wanted I never found.
    I lay down and close the lid, realizing now I'm still just a kid.... more »

  • Suicide

    I sit here laughing with a smile of greed as I slit my wrists and watch them bleed.

    I think of us and wish our love could have been true but it wasn't so I'm doing this...I'm doing this for you.... more »

  • Suicide Through The Eyes Of The Beholder

    Look into my eyes
    Stare into my mind
    Spend a day of your life
    Like one day of mine.... more »

  • The Champ (Inspired By John Cena)

    The champ is here and he's gonna win
    Fight him once but never again
    The champ is here and here to stay
    His time is now so back away... more »

  • The Cry For Help

    So there she sat, alone and sad wishing for good times she never had.
    She was crying for attention, but no one seemed to see the bright and wonderful person that she always longed to be.
    She was hated by many and ignored by all so no one noticed as she started to fall.
    Everything she loved began to fade away and so she slipped into a depression with nothing left to say.... more »

  • This Life Of Mine

    Middle of the night, alone in my bed I think of you I wish I were dead I see your face, those beautiful eyes, happy, laughing, stinging lies.
    All the messed up things you do all I wanted was to be with you.
    You took it all away raped me of my life, Now I sit here all alone, all alone with this knife.
    You took me for granted but now this ease I'll take my own life, forgive me please.... more »

  • Why? ? ?

    Why do you judge me?
    What did I do?
    Why do you hate me?
    I did nothing to you... more »