• A Prayer

    O! God in Heaven
    To you I pray
    That I should always be gay
    On each and every day!... more »

  • Awakening

    When I first met you
    You were a bud
    Lovely and mysterious
    Untouched and unawakened... more »

  • Being In Love

    Being in Love
    Is a beautiful sensation
    Headier than wine
    Lovelier than the rose... more »

  • Looking Back

    There was a time when

    Toys never failed to amuse me
    Flowers would always thrill me... more »

  • Love At First Sight

    I never believed in
    love at first sight
    Until I met you
    that fateful night.... more »

  • Missing You

    When I see couples
    Walking hand in hand
    And families building castles
    in the sand... more »

  • Nature

    It was on a beautiful day in May
    With my heart light and gay
    That i went for an early morning walk
    To have with nature a talk.... more »

  • Oh! For A Job!

    A cup of piping hot tea
    The morning newspaper spread before me
    I sit on the bed
    Meticulously scanning the advertisement columns... more »

  • Promise Me...

    I am lonely
    Won't you befriend me?
    Soothe me with you touch
    Help me relax... more »

  • The Beginning

    Sunday was beautiful
    In anticipation
    For you were to come on monday
    Breathless suspense... more »