• Baby You Are Mine

    As time passes,
    Memories builds up together
    Baby you are my past.... more »

  • Don'T Blame

    Don't blame me or my poems
    You know not who I am,
    Nor you know what my poems are about.... more »

  • Dream I Had

    Spending a whole night beneath the moon on the beach,
    With cold breeze around, want to freeze in your arm.... more »

  • Focus

    Focus the word focus,
    Not because the word focus is telling you to focus
    But focus the word focus because you don't focus.
    Focus it so clearly and walk with complete focus... more »

  • On My Track

    On my track on lead
    Way back home very speed
    Found beauty on my field
    Dragged my mind to be astray... more »

  • Tears No Sight

    Sun is bright to make you right.
    Moon is white to take you height.
    Friends at night make you tight.
    But,... more »