Poetry wasn't on my list until January 2008.
Even English is my third language. So imagine how difficult to write poems in English, when i've never tried to write any poems in my native language (Mongolian) .
Though I live in New York City, it is still hard to perfect English. I started to write poems, when i talked to myself in myself.
Words were pouring around me, then quickly i found the way to collect those words into my note and to make something out of it, which is poem.

So thank you all for coming and reading my poems.
I would appreciate if you share your opinion.

Thank you again,

Bowing Sukhee,


Sukhee Bukhbat Poems

Give Up Or Fight

What is the difference between human and animal, askes the old man.
While putting his nose into the newspaper.
Human thinks and does, animal reacts by instict
I answer, thinking that i answered as smart as possible.... more »

Drunk With Pain

Walking in the city of New York late evening,
Wondering how many people this city carries.
We can't guess while seeing waves of people.... more »

That One Star

Remember that summer, i used to lie down on the grass.
In the countryside, i used to watch the stars every night.
Were always lots of stars in the dark blue sky,
Were always rich lightened in the deep sky.... more »

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p.a. noushad 03 Feb 2010 05:56
beautiful, your verses inspire me