• A Lost Bird

    I am a lost bird
    I am the bird that doesn't know where to fly.
    When he gets lost, he never knows he is lost.
    But everything is fine in his eyes and other's.... more »

  • A Newcomer

    A tiny little baby comes to world not by his own choice.
    But to make his parents happy by his own voice.
    Cry and laughter are seen everyday, just like sun rises every morning.
    Dry and clean clothes are never enough, cause you have next ones to wash.... more »

  • Afraid Of Being Alone

    Poor lonely wolf is walking in the snow slowly,
    Sensing some smell in the air and looking up.
    Looking for his pack for 2 weeks already,
    Being unable to find them, makes him even stronger.... more »

  • Birth And Death

    Time is limited for our life.
    Time is limited for everyone.
    How long is life gonna be,
    Depends on our destiny.... more »

  • Chasing An Empty Car (Episode 1)

    I was a cop chasing an empty car.
    Not to know what I would find in the car.
    I was a man chasing my life.
    Not to know what I would discover in my life.... more »

  • Dont Wake Me Up

    That mourning was beautiful when i woke up.
    Too beautiful that hard to leave my bed.
    Open blue sky was close that i could touch.
    Big lightful sun was smiling and shining at my face.... more »

  • Drunk In Public

    Drinking happens when I am happy,
    Drinking continues when I am sad.
    That’s all from my experience.
    That’s all I’ve been doing.... more »

  • Drunk With Pain

    Walking in the city of New York late evening,
    Wondering how many people this city carries.
    We can't guess while seeing waves of people.... more »

  • Email To My Dear Friend

    Hi, my dear friend.
    How are you doing today?
    Haven’t written anything lately,
    What are you doing today?... more »

  • Few Words At The Funeral (Episode 3)

    Dear my friend, you were a good policeman.
    But the world is not perfect enough.
    Tear my soul, I wish I could bring you back.
    But the world is not perfect enough.... more »

  • Forgivable And Forgettable

    'I can't forgive'
    'I can't forget'
    I hear myself speaking speechless in my brain continuously.... more »

  • Freedom And Beauty

    It is a beautiful mind to feel free.
    It is a beautiful feeling to set someone free.
    Freedom is the hard statement to get.
    Freedom is the only feeling to get.... more »

  • Give Up Or Fight

    What is the difference between human and animal, askes the old man.
    While putting his nose into the newspaper.
    Human thinks and does, animal reacts by instict
    I answer, thinking that i answered as smart as possible.... more »

  • Good Old Days And Bad Old Days

    All the memories are good and bad.
    All the memories from good old days and bad old days.

    Having too much time to spend,... more »

  • Great Wall

    I built Great wall.
    I built it between me and myself.
    Somehow there was a complication inside of me.... more »

  • Half-Awake And Half-Sleepy

    Let me sleep please.
    Don’t wake me up.
    But the phone is ringing.
    What can you do?... more »

  • In The Train

    Sitting in the subway train number 7
    I get some ideas for the poem.
    Therefore I'm writing to write it in few words.... more »

  • Life Family

    Life is like a book with lots of pages.
    With the pages that every single one has different poems.
    Life is like a rail track with lots of wooden sleepers.
    With the sleepers that every single one has different usage.... more »

  • Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Episode 2)

    Now I am standing in the dark tunnel.
    Trying to figure out where I am.
    Now I am recalling what happened.
    Looking for proof that I am dead.... more »

  • Love That Cant Be Told

    A love is so delicate,
    A love is so emotional.
    A love drives you crazy.
    A love makes you blind.... more »

  • Lyrics: No Doubt - Don'T Speak

    You and me
    We used to be together
    Everyday together always
    I really feel... more »

  • Lyrics: The Beatles - Yesterday

    Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so faraway.
    Now it looks as though they're here to stay.
    Oh, I believe in yesterday.... more »

  • Naked Truth

    Human comes naked to the earth.
    Human goes back naked from the earth.
    Life starts naked.
    Life ends naked.... more »

  • Painter

    As a painter my friend spent his whole life,
    On the drawing table sitting and looking.
    As an artist my friend lost his time,
    In the art tunnel looking for exists.... more »

  • Rain

    Rain, rain, rain
    Come here and wash my sins.
    Rain, rain, rain
    Pour here and clean my soul.... more »