• Born Of Blood

    'The pill did not work
    Afraid am I
    Can't carry this child
    Clear this... more »

  • Forgive Me

    I am to blame
    For being the Judas of the game
    I turn your days awful
    Turned your soul sorrowful... more »

  • I Am Me

    I am me
    Suleman, Wineyam
    The cripple who walks on the moon
    I eat my thoughts in silence... more »

  • Rain In The Dry

    As the bald trees
    Sway gaily in the breeze
    We see undying love
    Ready to fall from above... more »

  • Rip

    Earned... more »

  • The Passenger

    Here I stroll in the midst of darkness
    In the veil of throbbing songs
    In the circles of faraway crows
    Sparking the rage of lonely roads... more »