Member of International Association of Poets' Forum, Awarded for best poem in various journal and online sites. Poems published in various Anthologies of poems in various sites and journals. Short-stories published in journals.
Writer is a MBA working in a MNC. Married and have a son.
Flair for writing inspirational, motivational poems.
Subject - love, philosophies of life, nature, beauty.
Passion for wildlife and it's photography.


Sumeet Mahanti Poems

Coming Home

As I set back home
for my motherland-
that nurtured my childhood,
memories flooding into my mind... more »

Listen - In The Silence Of Love

Straining my ears to listen
for the love in the air – unfelt, invisible,
at times – timid, shy and sans expression
felt everywhere – though intangible... more »


Bedecked with the golden moments of time
Mother Earth carrying the burden of numerous lives,
ornately decorated with rivers, mountains, seas and land
-beauty of a creation so magnanimously it imbibes... more »

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