A 29-year-old Georgia native with a journalism degree, two completed (but thus far unpublished) novels, several published poems and over five years experience in editing and film reviewing. These days I've penchant for reading case studies and southern gothic literature.


Summer Alice Poems

This Aubade

It's not like the one nine Novembers ago
with someone else who rose differently than you,
his arm clicking my bed's Christmas bulbs
going to my desk for my cloves.... more »

Jacqueline And Her Cat

The animal sits in her lap.
She listens to me
unreprovingly talk about my skin,
its lapses and its memories.... more »

The Band Is Playing Chamomile

I think I can smell music.
The olfactory bits are said to trigger memory the strongest,
And alongside ginger, petroleum and babies
Wafts odorous notes into the holes of my face.... more »

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