• Coming Across An Old Dream Diary

    Swimming or crossing water
    and getting held at gunpoint
    were popular in dream plots then.
    One night a giant ruled the land I was living in.... more »

  • Jacqueline And Her Cat

    The animal sits in her lap.
    She listens to me
    unreprovingly talk about my skin,
    its lapses and its memories.... more »

  • Message: Won Sender: Me And Ravel

    Bah! The coddling!
    You miss me?
    That’s the phrase stacked fat
    with methadone and you... more »

  • Sole

    below and deep
    below and deep
    that socket keeps on shining
    though no length seems to know... more »

  • The Band Is Playing Chamomile

    I think I can smell music.
    The olfactory bits are said to trigger memory the strongest,
    And alongside ginger, petroleum and babies
    Wafts odorous notes into the holes of my face.... more »

  • The Tao Of Silo And Holly La

    I had reached the corner of Silo and Holly La
    Before the crash took place.
    Until then, my daily walking gate had stayed brisk,
    The dry shredded skin over my knuckles... more »

  • This Aubade

    It's not like the one nine Novembers ago
    with someone else who rose differently than you,
    his arm clicking my bed's Christmas bulbs
    going to my desk for my cloves.... more »

  • You, Watching

    The flavor of that apartment: chili powder.
    The taste rough, brick and red.
    It glowed 24 hours, infected everything said
    and everything done, but it never reflected how bland... more »