I was born in Punto Fijo, Venezuela.
As a child my mother was an evangelist missionary.
She was my inspiration for writting poems.
I had a rhyme in my childhood, my singing in the church in Sunday school, reciting poems and bible verses.
My mother was a Sunday school teacher, she was my first teacher of the bible, thank you mama.
Today words are still rhyming at night.
I usually get up and write them
until they become poetry.


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The World

We are the people of the world
Under God, Under one nation
Around the world
We are... more »


God is Time
Time is white
Clear as water
Clear as air... more »

As Life Goes By

As time goes by
Don't Let life
Steal me away
As life goes by... more »

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sunny managan 05 Sep 03:43
hola sunny como estas muchas bendiciones la familia te saluda con amor
Sara Lonan 28 Jun 2019 12:18
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