'lets just cut to the chase' I write poems when I feel like it usually quickly. Hope you like some of them, or at least they touch something inside you If I have done that there must be a point to some of my ramblings.

As a psychologist and a woman in middle age I write from personal experience and professional work. I hear the best and the worst, rarely the middle ground But thats life, the ying and the yang. The main thing is to remain creative and poetry is something I always come back to. Somehow it expresses and heals the soul and sometimes the heart. It keeps me learning about myself. I live in Nelson New Zealand. A nice sunny little town with lots of nationalities English American Dutch and of course New Zealanders who have lived here all there lives and we all know what that means


Susan Alldred Lugton Poems

Chrystallised Genes

They came together in love,
chrystallised genes.
They did not know,
that a baby might grow... more »

Sleep Oh Blessed Sleep

Sleep oh blessed sleep,
the place where I can dream,
of all that I do need... more »


the resounding echo
to one’s new reality.
Existing in time,... more »

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Rajnish Manga 14 Nov 2016 12:10
I have read a couple of poems written by Susan Alldred Lugton and found then quite interesting and nicely carved. The subjects have been taken from our daily life and have been treated with aesthetic care. Her poetry presents a mosaic of different shades of human nature that one learns from experience. I wish her good health and many more years of creative writing.
David Keig 19 Apr 2011 06:22
please get in touch with me d xxx
Michael Shepherd 24 May 2005 07:43
Hi! As a silly-billy myself, loved your sillyness poem, and wanted to suggest: 'so sweetly' for one of the 'completely' s; and in the last line 'for forty winks'... Michael