• A Fantasy

    A man who has trust.
    The patience to let
    The encounter unfold,
    Delight in every touch,... more »

  • A Fleeting Moment Of Family

    The table is laid,
    A place for me.
    This is my family.
    Yet being all together is... more »

  • A New Life

    In my mind I visualise
    The bare rooms
    That await me.
    I could so easily... more »

  • Autumn Vision

    White sunlight sparkling
    Through the leaves of the willow,
    Dancing on the water flowing by.
    The black silhouette of one man fishing,... more »

  • Becoming The Enemy

    I wrote him a poem to tell him
    How our love felt easy and free,
    I wrote about how good it felt
    Being allowed to just be me.... more »

  • Beyond Repair

    How is it that
    Not one among
    Them had a conscience?... more »

  • Farewell To A Friend

    I will miss his joyful greeting
    When I got home from work,
    I will miss his soft brown eyes,... more »

  • Fate Or Destiny?

    I wait
    As this chapter of my life unfolds
    Am I following fate or
    Shaping my own destiny... more »

  • Fearful

    One emotion,
    So many different interpretations.
    Three simple words
    Easily spoken,... more »

  • Feeling One Alone

    Where do I fit?
    The more time goes by
    The same answer
    Keeps coming back -... more »

  • First Encounters

    What do I see
    The first time
    I look into
    Their eyes?... more »

  • First Kiss-Last Kiss

    The warmth of his body
    Flows through his touch,
    Enfolding me in his universe.... more »

  • Fragmented Reflections

    He loves another.
    Was happy to have her
    In his life as a friend.... more »

  • Ghost

    Does his ghost still
    Come into my room
    At night, when
    I am all alone?... more »

  • I Lose Again

    She lay, luxuriating in
    The comfort and warmth.
    A hand reaches out,
    Strokes her gently.... more »

  • I Remember

    I remember a vast dark ocean,
    Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy.
    Me swimming for my life,
    To stay on the surface,... more »

  • It's So Hard

    It’s so hard
    Not to show him
    I still care.
    I know there are many... more »

  • Letting Go

    Can’t understand
    These feelings
    Betrayal... more »

  • Letting Go The Dream

    Why feel love for someone
    Who no longer exists?
    Why hang on to memories of
    What used to be?... more »

  • Lonely Place

    It’s been said before by
    Those revered for their wisdom.
    It’s nothing new.
    At the end of the day... more »

  • Long Winters

    Like trees in winter.
    They feel barren,
    Stripped of
    Their splendour,... more »

  • Lost And Found

    Lost, the hopes, dreams, and
    Foundations on which
    I built my life
    For so many years.... more »

  • Love

    Accepting your whole
    Past, present and future
    Absent loves, other friends... more »

  • My Promise

    Don’t think I understand.

    Don’t think because I
    See things as they are,... more »

  • No-One

    I look around .....
    there's no-one there ....... more »