• A Fairy Tale?

    In a time before time
    When Earth was one great forest
    Encompassing oceans,
    An elder race,... more »

  • In My Mind....

    When I was very young, each book I read
    was another rung on the ladder to a world
    I secretly built in my head.
    A quiet middle child, I lived in my mind.... more »

  • Light In The Darkness

    Let your footstep be gentle on this Earth,
    Let your mind discern what has and has not worth.
    Let your heart hold true to humanity,
    Let your eyes rise to the stars with humility.... more »

  • Monsters From The Id

    Creator of the Universe
    Did you dream us?
    Are we a figment of your infinite vision,
    Or are we at odds with your intent?... more »

  • Raven

    Thief and harbinger,
    Battlefield scavenger.
    Prophesy's messenger,
    Spectator of doom.... more »

  • Schadenfreude

    Bitter days of winter chill
    And doomed hope are here again.
    Shattered dreams revisited by custom's will
    Resolve,... more »

  • The Beginning Is Near....

    Out there, somewhere, there are others.
    Survivors like me. Will we, one day, see
    A return to sanity?
    The world was bought and sold long ago... more »

  • The Winter's Tale.

    Ah Leontes, burdened with Othello's taint
    Denounces wife and friend, abandons restraint
    And thereby loses all. In jealousy's thrall
    Friendship is broken, wife and son lost to death's pall... more »