Susan is my beloved sister who died of Ovarian Cancer in May 2004, just after her 50th birthday. She was a wonderful person and a dedicated Cancer nurse.

I cannot fill those shoes, but I can write for her.


Susan Casey Poems

My Secret Joy

If it were not for you
It seems that every day would be
A life unfulfilled.
Winter then forever and no smile of spring.... more »


I Was Born!
At least I thought I was,
Now I see they threw me into this world.
Helpless as God is,... more »

Canute And The Waves

As winds of change rage, storms around this weathered place
Man must answer God for all we do and all I am.
I remember a King who said to the waves “Go Back! ”
“I command thee! I am King; you must do just as I ask! ”... more »

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