• A Childs

    A child s prints is only half
    By: Susan Lynn Covington
    Date: 2007... more »

  • A Daughters Hidden Love For Her Mother

    A Daughters Hidden Love For Her Mother!
    By: Susan Lynn Covington
    Date: October 28th 2005... more »

  • Asleep

    Asleep as his eyes closed in to a dream
    Missing am i in his moments going by
    Asleep as he lays not one sound as i sit at his side
    Staring at his face of peaceful beauty... more »

  • Awakend Again

    Awakened again to stand as I am
    Asleep from all pain of thee world and its shame

    Fallen in to a dream this life hated me... more »

  • Grater Than My Self

    Beautifully a tear past down my eye In a warmth wonder
    An ache in my heart came over me like thunder
    I had to take a moment to catch my breath
    I felt as if for only a passing moment It came and left... more »

  • He Is The One

    He is the One
    By: Susan Lynn Covington
    Date: 2007... more »

  • Heaven Found A Way

    Heaven found a way to make thee perfect one
    That also came along with a Son... more »

  • Her Song Of Freedom

    Under each stone a trapped butterfly can be found
    And if you free the butterfly
    You shall here the sound of
    Some thing so graceful never herd around... more »

  • I Asked For Help

    Darkness surrounds me no light from above
    I cried out to the Lord for help with his love
    Light will appear said the mighty one
    Then all the sudden it was dun... more »

  • I Have Seen Him

    I Have Seen Him
    By: Susan Lynn Covington
    Date: 1990s... more »

  • Let Me Be Me Please

    Let me be me as who i am
    Let me do all i think i can
    Let me and i stay in the sky and
    Chase the real me to find i did not die... more »

  • Simply Alone

    Simply alone as an angel cries
    Becoming empty as all her
    Hope hides
    Simply alone she sits by a window... more »

  • Thee Coldest Tear I Ever Felt

    The coldest tear i ever felt fell slowly down my face at a bow
    The coldest fear i ever had was at that moment of sadness
    The chill of its furry left my eye blurry and
    Confusion had taken what my mind had mistaken... more »

  • Unknowen To Me

    Unknown to me
    By: Susan Lynn Covington
    Date: 2005... more »

  • Untittled

    By: Susan Lynn Covington
    Date: July 23rd 2005... more »

  • Who Do I Trust

    Who, now that another part of me has gone from my heart?
    Who, now all thats left of me has grown apart?
    Who, now as i wish to start a new
    Who? Who don't i run to now?... more »

  • Why

    Beautifully a tear feel down my check
    An over whelming feeling I could not speak
    Why do birds fly as high as they can?
    Why do dauphins never feel the warmth, of the sand?... more »