• A Happening

    The night was sultry and moonlit. Perfect for
    the unusual to happen.
    The old house had been forgotten, but at the
    strike of midnight…..... more »

  • All Before

    To pool the sand, while my feet walk,
    Among seas gifts, upheaved
    Leaves the holes that filled with hopes
    Of youth I once believed.... more »

  • Alleluia!

    Gold on top of green. Under the cornfields grows.
    Red under shaggy bark. The blood of the tree.
    Blue flows with the life given to me.
    Alleluia And Alleluia again! , says the man in... more »

  • Another Rose

    Patiently waiting for the clouds to part,
    the companion sun, touches her heart,... more »

  • Clues

    Through our images we can sense
    our fulfillment of life.
    Not by supernaturally draping over
    it but... more »

  • Dark Purple

    Under a blanket of dark purple
    I do my best work.
    Blue doesn’t do and Red goes
    To my head.... more »

  • Guidelines

    Guidelines are good sometimes.....
    especially for the rivers.... more »

  • Hurrah And Alleluiah

    I’m on a roll! ! ! No stopping me
    Now! ! ! !
    Clear the decks maties and watch
    Me go! ! ! !... more »

  • Joy

    There were many hours when my heart
    seemed to big for its cage....... more »

  • Midnight Sun

    Something’s missing. Not too sure what.
    The sun is out… it is midnight.
    I am wearing a crown on my head and my
    feet are dancing to a gypsy song.... more »

  • New Years Wish

    If you had just one wish what would it be?
    For world peace, or for thee or for me?
    Would it be for contentment, health and love,
    or would it be for guidence from the One above.... more »

  • Obsessive? ? ? ?

    Obsessive? No… not me! ! ! Just a
    moment please…..
    I’ll take 6 of these… you never know
    If they will come again.... more »

  • Reba

    The soft dusty ground, felt good
    to her barefeet.
    Around her black hair, was a violent
    Red scarf.... more »

  • That Is Enough

    As for life..... I see it!
    But I have yet learned
    to read it.
    I look for its gifts....... more »

  • The Breath Of A Stone

    One time I saw something rare. It was a
    stone breathing.
    I had found it in a field, alone, by itself.
    I watched it for 10 years, until I was older.... more »

  • The Crow

    I once drew a small crow on a
    huge piece of paper.
    At night I could hear the fluttering of
    large wings.... more »

  • The Hole

    There is one thing that is common among us.
    We stop to pick up a stone with a hole in it.
    Why is that?
    A open hand,... more »

  • The Man With Green Hair

    He pushed trees aside by glances
    and turned wheatfields into thistle.
    He turned cliches into hymns,
    and durges into whistles.... more »

  • The Merging

    Later in life, the dark and the light
    merge into a complete whole.... more »

  • The Newborn

    An echo that resounds in our
    Where have I seen those eyes
    before? in a dream of reality?... more »

  • The Puddle

    Beneath me, on the path, was a large puddle in
    which I saw an upside down world.
    The clouds' reflection floated by as well as four
    geese on their way.... more »

  • The Rainbow

    The white light of fall. The leaves begin to stir.
    A small breeze is enough to create the whirlpool
    of prismed colors.
    Lifted high in the sky, the leaves change their minds..... more »

  • The Small Ankle

    He looked again toward the sky
    It was blackened by a greenish glow-
    stifiled memories.
    Legs raised in tribulation of the... more »

  • Touched

    Something swirled in my hair… touched
    my arm.
    Looking around … was no one.
    I was debating a point I was making…... more »