• Angry.

    Its hard for me to swallow,
    Have to force it down,
    Tears cloud my sight,
    Cant shed a tear,... more »

  • Car Ride (Leave Me Not) .

    As the journey took its course,
    I felt free with carefree spirit.
    Escaping my thoughts, pain, hurt and anger,
    Escaping my unrealised dreams and hopes,... more »

  • I Love Him, I Decided Today!

    I love him, I decided today
    I made up my mind, I am in love with him
    I have held opportunities in many handsome bodies
    I have tasted the sweetest love from many a man’s fountain... more »

  • Its Over!

    I lost my cool the other day,
    You made me feel like such a fool.

    My pride hurt but my heart was shattered the most,... more »

  • Just To See You.

    Just to see you,
    I know you are fine.
    Just to see you,
    I know you are there.... more »

  • Save The Pope.

    The Pope is Dead! What a waste!

    God where art thou? ? Did you not see your chance to make a believer out of me? ?... more »