Susan Williams

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It is true that it is not a good thing to take everyone at face value- -especially in an age of so many face-lifts.
~~~~~~~~~~Susan Willians
Diatribes are known for their intolerance- - which makes it difficult to tolerate them.
~~~~~~~Susan Williams
We need to remember that death is a daily possibility therefore we should not only enjoy every moment but also make it a moment we are proud to have lived.
Susan Williams

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A great fun poem Susan thanks for opening the letter for me.
SUSAN S hining night and day, that's what you are! U nfolding beauty that lasts a lifetime; S haring my life with you in this site is such a fortune; A woman of infinite inspiration I know not one but you; N ot a gold not a diamond can equal your worth.
What a thrill I get reading Susan's poem. An outstanding poetess.
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