• Fancy And The Poet

    Poet --

    Enchanting spirit! -- at thy votive shrine
    I lowly bend a simple wreath to twine;... more »

  • My Autograph

    What -- write my name!
    How vain the feeble trust,
    To be remembered
    When the hand is dust --... more »

  • The Dying Hunter To His Dog

    Lie down -- lie down! -- my noble hound,
    That joyful bark give o'er;
    It wakes the lonely echoes round,
    But rouses me no more --... more »

  • The Sleigh-Bells

    'Tis merry to hear, at evening time,
    By the blazing hearth the sleigh-bells chime;
    To know the bounding steeds bring near
    The loved one to our bosoms dear.... more »

  • The Step Mother

    Well I recall my Father's wife,
    The day he brought her home.
    His children looked for years of strife,
    And troubles sure to come --... more »