• Dang..

    this must suck for you
    i mean you see me everyday
    and i seem fine without you... more »

  • Love Me For Me

    I want him to love me
    and not care about any other she
    even though i dont have blue eyes and blonde hair
    we could still be a happy pair... more »

  • Nobody Cares

    Nobody cares
    this is what you showed me
    you showed me that nobody cares how i feel
    if im sad, it doesnt matter... more »

  • Now Im Gone

    I gave it all to you
    you took advantage of me
    you thought id always take you back
    but your wrong... more »

  • People

    People are so different, yet all the same
    they all try and hide their shame
    always trying to be the best
    and certianly not caring about the rest... more »

  • Where Did My Baby Go?

    What happened to our love?
    me, you would never shove
    when you look me in the eyes
    it seems that our love has no lies.... more »

  • Why Do People Fall In Love?

    do people think love is easy as pie?
    do they not know it will just make them cry?
    it does not matter if it feels so right,
    it couls end on any regular night.... more »