• Debris

    Debris of my past haunts us
    I try to catch that one ray
    Of light on my hand mirror
    Evading me, it bounces off... more »

  • Freedom

    In your heart,
    A picture you had,
    To which I was a misfit,
    I set you free.... more »

  • Illusion

    am numb
    I wake up every morning
    Only with the hope
    That it was all a nightmare... more »

  • Joe

    He ascended to the skies above.
    Yesterday, while he was floating near my window,
    I leapt forward to grip his hand.... more »

  • Love - Brave

    Treading a non-existent path
    With neither map nor compass
    In the vastness of land
    Lost... more »

  • Not Anymore

    His memories haunt me
    To this day
    He is not mine
    Not anymore... more »

  • Stolen Emotion

    In ruins we stand
    The air heavy with sorrow cokes me
    The ruins where I stand now
    Once bore testimony to our friendship... more »

  • The Dead End

    It was an evening like any other
    When I confessed my love for him

    You love me? He asked in awe... more »

  • The Moon And The Nomad

    t is a long night.
    The vehicles zoom on the highway,
    Leaves ruffle,
    The moon is veiled by pollutants.... more »

  • Void

    Consumed by the depths
    A void created
    Emerges a messiah
    Wounding the pure silence... more »