• Adoration

    It was a dissertation
    of his open adoration,
    which caused the consternation
    that led to confrontation.... more »

  • Anam Cara

    Love and greetings Anam Cara
    at last we meet.
    Older than the hills
    is our friendship.... more »

  • Dawn Service

    A battalion of invincible youth,
    proud Australians, one and all.
    Comrades in arms marching forward,
    never thinking they would fall.... more »

  • Divorce?

    Each act of deceit a fissure
    in a Keystone of trust;
    causing cracks in the foundation
    of integrity and respect,... more »

  • Do Not Weep

    Do not weep at my passing.
    Do not talk as if I’m gone.
    Though I may no longer be there,
    know that my presence is still as strong.... more »

  • Eco Or Ego

    A tall, regal forest
    elegantly modeling
    the latest spring collection.
    Some bend their heads... more »

  • Fearful Of The Night

    Tarry not now evenings come
    and night stealthily follows you.
    The moonless veil of darkness
    all kinds of fear imbue.... more »

  • Fire In The Sky

    In the constellation of Scorpius,
    beyond human sight,
    there appears to be a fire,
    alongside flickering candles light.... more »

  • First Tear

    A single tear.
    One small bead of moisture
    brimming before it falls.
    Bearing witness to emotion... more »

  • Generous Poverty

    Generous Poverty -
    rebellion of the spirit
    against selfishness and greed.
    Every selfless donation... more »

  • Giving Thanks

    I danced naked in the moonlight
    enveloped by gentle beams.
    I danced thanks for flora and fauna,
    and mountains, plains and streams.... more »

  • Haunted

    You speak of respect and show me love
    yet I see the doubt in your eyes,
    when I wake up in a sweat
    at the sound of dead men’s cries.... more »

  • In Memorium

    Blood red blooms bowed in respect,
    Eternal spirits on zephyrs borne.
    Trees and shrubs camouflage the earth
    Where souls from bodies were torn.... more »

  • Life's Heartbeat

    Minutes consuming seconds
    Hours erasing minutes
    Ticking... more »

  • Light Of Love

    Outside leaves danced in the moonlight
    and all were enticed to come and play.
    Resistance? Rejection? Or both,
    left a trembling body in the darkness.... more »

  • Lingering Love

    There is no breeze,
    but I feel a zephyr
    knowingly caress
    my body.... more »

  • Matter Of Degree

    ... more »

  • My Lord Is My Haven

    During my life Lord
    you have always been there,
    so powerful your words,
    they beat back my despair.... more »

  • Piquant Seasons

    Summer - a reputation for being dangerous.
    She solicits youth to seek her caress,
    leaving past lovers sapped of energy -
    blinded by her vibrant beauty.... more »

  • Remembrance


    No frost on the ground, But each breath came as steam
    and tears teetered on lowered lashes.... more »

  • Sadism Of Being A Masochist

    The hurt of loving
    is the greatest of suffering.

    Admit you love them... more »

  • Seasonal Spices

    Spring - soft and sanguine,
    smooth and soulful,
    a subtle sentimentalist.
    Summer - still and salubrious,... more »

  • T’is No Humour In It

    Cerebral conveyer of happy thoughts
    why hast thou forsaken me?
    Thou’st knoweth my servile humour
    t’is ever opiate free,... more »

  • Testament To Resilience

    Gnarled boughs
    of battles fought and won.
    Fighting leaves... more »

  • The Baptism

    The date had been set for the baptism
    of the young couples pride and joy.
    They weren’t particularly religious -
    but wanted the best for their baby boy.... more »